Enhanced electrochemical performances of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 by surface modification with Cu nanoparticles

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. 53 (1) B (2017) 61-66. DOI:10.2298/JMMB150906021Z
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5V spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode is prepared by traditional solid-state method and nano-Cu particles were derived from a chemical reduction process. The effect of Cu-coating on the electrochemical performances of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cells, in a wide operation temperature range (-10℃, 25℃, 60℃), is investigated systematically by the charge/discharge testing, cyclic voltammograms and impedance spectroscopy, respectively. The results demonstrate that the modified material exhibits remarkably enhanced electrochemical reversibility and stability. Cu-coated material has much lower surface and charge-transfer resistances and shows a higher lithium diffusion rate. The Cu coating layer as a highly efficient lithium ion conductor, acted as a highly efficient protector to restrain the contact loss.
Keywords: Lithium-ion battery; Cathode; Surface modification; LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4
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Z. Huanga, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Quantum Manipulation and
New Energy Materials, College of Physics and Energy, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou, China
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