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First-principles and CALPHAD-type study of the Ir-Mo and Ir-W systems

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

Evaluation of carbide capacity in CaO-based ternary systems at 1773K for refining process

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190110054Y
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

Production of Mg–Li alloys by aluminothermic vacuum reduction

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190419053W
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

Effect of ZnO/PbO and FeOx/SiO2 Ratio on Viscosity of Lead Smelting Slags

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190622052O
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

Investigations on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-5wt.%Cu-TiB2 composites produced via powder metallurgy route

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190315047S
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

A new approach to synthesize nano-yttrium boride particle through metallothermic reduction process

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190315048S
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

Thermodynamic properties of iron, aluminum, boron and phosphorus in dilute silicon solutions by molecular interaction volume model

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190321049L
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

Thermodynamic and kinetic simulation of Y2O3 and Y2S3 nonmetallic phase formation in liquid steel

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190326050G
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

New trends in basic oxygen furnace dephosphorization

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190504045K
accepted_manuscript (pdf)

The influence of the volatiles on the slag composition for the heating process

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. DOI: 10.2298/JMMB190509046Z
accepted_manuscript (pdf)