Effect of electroslag remelting on the non-metallic inclusions in H11 tool steel

J. Min. Metall. Sect. B-Metall. 54 (1) B (2018) 51-57. DOI:10.2298/JMMB160623053B
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We have studied the effect of electroslag remelting on the content and composition of non-metallic inclusions. It was found that a decrease in the non-metallic inclusion content occurred during the electroslag remelting. A change in the chemical composition of the non-metallic inclusions was observed, while the aluminum and calcium contents were increased. The complexity of the inclusions also increased, as there were fewer single-phase inclusions after the electroslag remelting process. Based on the results and a thermodynamic assessment of the formation of the non-metallic inclusions, a mechanism for inclusion behavior during electroslag remelting has been proposed.
Keywords: Electroslag remelting (ESR); Non-metallic inclusions; Steelmaking; Thermodynamics of steel; Clean steel
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J. Burja, Institute of Metals and Technology,
Ljubljana, Slovenia
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